Which is the next significant innovation after the Internet? Blockchain Technology will power web 3.0 or the new internet as it is being called! How? Scroll down to read more.

Blockchain technology was invented with the idea of facilitating peer to peer digital transfer of money in a fast, secure and transparent manner in a trust-less environment. It is visibly impacting the lives of thousands of people across the world especially in developing countries who still don’t have access to bank accounts (estimated 2 Billion). The use of cryptocurrencies has made it easy for immigrants working for a living in other countries to remit money back to their families instantly for a little fee (USD 400 Billion is remitted each year). Earlier the families had to wait 3-4 days, and the sender would pay an average fee of 7.45% (can vary between 4% to 15% depending upon where the money is being sent).

The people who rejected the Internet as a curiosity for scientists were on the wrong side of history, the people who rejected digital photography as really an artificial thing were on the wrong side of history, and the people who felt that non-gimmicky tennis racquets were made with wood were on the wrong side of history. So it seems to me that the people who confidently reject all the innovation here [in blockchain-based payment and monetary systems] are on the wrong side of history.
– Larry Summers (former Secretary of the US Treasury)

You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990’s
– Blythe Masters (investment banker)

We can help you with

Private BlockChain

Are you a banking, financial services organization or Human resources organization? You want restricted access to confidential data! We'll help you build a private blockchain

Public BlockChain

If you are looking to launch your blockchain to leverage the benefits of the decentralized ledger technology, COMPANY is your one-stop shop for your needs.


Grow your business without intermediaries and fear of fraud or conflict. Leverage the power of Smart contracts.

Token Development

Don’t understand tokenomics! Relax. With inputs from you, we help you design the token and customize it for your business eco-system.

Pre and Post

Looking to raise funds for your project through an Initial Coin Offering? Our team of experienced professionals can manage the entire end to end ICO activities for a successful crowd-funding initiative.


Cryptocurrency trade is growing globally. If you are aspiring to launch your exchange platform, do not worry about the complex coding effort. We can do it for you!


Many industries and governments are adopting Blockchain Technology across the world for the benefits that it brings. Some of the tangible benefits are faster transactions, low transaction fee, high uptime of network, cost reduction of services like cloud, transparency in transactions, no risk of fraud (using smart contracts) and more secure systems (records in a blockchain can't be changed)

Finance & Banking

  • Instant cross-border remittances with a low fee
  • Store of value as digital gold
  • Transparency
  • Elimination of fraud


  • Prevention of examination paper leakage
  • Blockchain-based degrees and certificates eliminating fake cases
  • Easy access for entities that need to verify records like employers or embassies


  • Medical records like prescriptions, X-ray/ultrasound films and reports can be stored on the blockchain
  • Doctors will be able to access older records irrespective of the clinic, hospital, city or country (No need to carry them along)
  • No hassle of maintaining hard copy records
  • Better and accurate diagnosis and treatment

Supply Chain

  • Elimination of middlemen and touts yielding substantial benefit to producers
  • Reduction in costs and delays and elimination of errors
  • Scalable solutions
  • Direct transactions between products and consumers through smart contracts

Blockchain technologies we use


A decentralized, open-source blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts


A decentralized, open-source protocol developed primarily for the financial services and products that facilitate cross-border payments reliably and quickly with a low transaction fee


A blockchain platform created by a collaborative effort initiated by Linux foundation, to develop, promote and advance cross-industry enterprise level commercial adoption


An enterprise blockchain solution that connects banks, digital asset exchanges and payment providers for quick remittances and real-time gross settlement


The world’s first public decentralized blockchainwhich facilitates peer to peer transactions. Bitcoin often called the king of cryptocurrencies is the most trusted one and first choice of investors as a "Store of value."


An open-source platform for building and enabling cross-blockchain atomic swaps. The infrastructure facilitated rapid deployment of blockchains.

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