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Reality Development

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Why VR and AR
is good for your business?

Benefits of
Virtual Reality

  • Innovation in the field of medicine (an example is the use of VR for therapy of stress and anxiety related disorders)
  • Better quality delivery in the construction industry (Effectively used for creating 3-D designs and walkthroughs by architects)
  • Transformation in the education sector (by enabling interactive and fun learning for students using audio-visual learning tools)
  • Cost reduction for corporates by eliminating the need to travel (facilitates meetings, training, workshops). Companies are also using VR-based training to give employees a fell of real-life situations and how to deal with them.
  • New services in the media industry (users can enjoy live streaming of events, tournaments, and concerts comfortably at home)

Benefits of
Augmented Reality

  • Innovation in the movie and gaming industry ( Provide a unique experience for customers with high-quality, engaging content)
  • Higher revenues for the retail industry (By creating AR stores and markets. Customers will be able to try clothes without wearing them!)
  • Reduction in cost of training using Augmented Reality simulators – Pilots can learn flying, and doctors can perform surgeries
  • Promotes travel and tourism industry by enabling new experiences to visitors in locations like museums
  • Reduction in waste in the manufacturing sector (By providing visualisation aid to automobile designers who can place virtual parts on a real car body and see how the final product will look)

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